Treat Your Back

For those suffering from back pain

Ways to Treat Your Own Back
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This community is for people who are suffering from back pain. You can vent your frustrations and seek support and advice from others. You can share ways that helped you cope with the pain or get rid of it. This community will focus on ways people can heal themselves without having to resort to extreme medical measures such as surgery.

I wanted to create this community for people to share in each other's suffering and provide each other with support and advice. I would like to share my advice with others, and I hope you will too!

Please introduce yourself when you join, tell us your story!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional! I am a person who had an accident that lead to a herniated disk, which has caused a lot of pain and problems in my life. Whatever advice I give is not to be taken as medical fact. I would just like to share what has worked for me, and hear from others what works for them.
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