Lnorigb (lnorigb) wrote in treat_your_back,

shots? new intro too.

fluoroscopic guided cervical nerve root block.

basically a steroid shot in my back guided by an advanced x-ray. sounds fun. not.

so i'm scared.

who's had one? what REALLY happens? and did you get relief for months at a time as they/it claim??

time to get on yr soapbox and give a girl a clue.


so that was my original post in my lj and in another community, both got me no answers. so i know lj is the queen of info so i went searching around. found y'all. scrolled back a few post saw this question kinda addressed but not really as in depth as i'm looking for. never been to chiro, just PT and lots of Flarking pills. i try not to take them on my days off but sometimes i do cos going to a movie is fun to do but sitting not so much, or riding my cruiser on the boardwalk, good exercise but oh-so-much-pain. wasn't really an injury that caused it just a simple twist at the waist but the last 5 discs down to the s/1 (?) are having issues along with some presence of caudal equina. i'm really frightened of anything being inserted INTO the very area that i can't even stand to have touched but it would be nice to be able to shave my legs!!! not to mention some sex...so shots?


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