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Hi Everyone - I just joined the community. I am 29 and never had back pain until this summer. I was reading some earlier entries, and my problem probably isn't as serious as some of yours. But, I haven't had any experience with chiropractors, and I'm hoping to get some advice.

A little more than a month ago, my lower back started hurting. A LOT. Not to the point where I couldn't walk, or had to lay down all the time. But, it is constant pain. It hurts to pick anything up, or bend forward even a little bit. I don't remember one specific instance where I thought "ow, I just hurt my back." I have no clue what did it. I started gardening this spring, and was taking a belly dancing class until this back issue came into play. I guess it could be either of those things that caused it, really. So, after a couple of weeks of it not going away, I finally broke down and made an appointment with a chiropractor.

My first appointment was kind of surprising to me. They just asked me a bunch of questions, had me bend a few ways and tell them where it hurt, and then the chiro just felt my back through my shirt. She told me that a couple of my discs were rotated and out of alignment, and that they weren't moving like they should be. A CMT loosened up my muscles, and then the chiro did a couple of adjustments. I was expecting X-rays and the works. Anyhow, I felt great for a few days, the pain was gone, etc. But then it started hurting again. I've had the same adjustment 3 times now, and my appointments have all been the same, with the same results. I'm supposed to have a fourth appointment today, and I'm worried she's just going to do the same thing, and that it's not going to help. Does this sound like a usual treatment plan? Should I just expect to have back pain forever, and expensive visits to the chiro once a week? I have insurance, but it doesn't cover these adjustments 100%. I'm just not convinced the adjustments are anything more than a temporary fix. Does it sound like I picked a decent doctor, or does any of this seem weird?
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