Diermuid (diermuid) wrote in treat_your_back,

Finally going for the Microdiscectomy

Ick, after 6 months of PT, epidurals, chiro, massage, and other assorted healing methodologies, I'm going under the knife on Tuesday. Sounds like a pretty routine surgery for the guy, so I look forward to getting some relief. Especially now that they had me stop the NSAIDs, as that was my lifeline man... 10 hours since I stopped and already it's getting wretched... I recall it takes 2-3 days to get all that stuff out of my system, so I should be -REALLY- ready to get worked on by Tuesday.

Any recovery stories? I hear I'll be down for 2-3 weeks, followed by 3 months of light activity. It should be interesting, I was a relatively fit guy before the injury, so I look forward to going back to all the stuff I'm missing out on. 8-)
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