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I haven't written in a while. Much has happened. After 6 months of trying different treatments for my herniated disk, the doctor said I needed surgery. Everything I tried helped a little, but nothing completely took away the sciatic pain and numbness going down my left leg. Following surgery I had some physical therapy, but couldn't complete the whole regimen since my medical insurance coverage ended.

It's now 3 months after my surgery. My problems are different now, but at least the pain isn't so bad where I can't walk for more than one minute without collapsing in pain. My lower back aches a lot. My right hip really hurts, perhaps because i had really bad posture for a while as a result of the pain. I keep doing stretches my physical therapist showed me.

Now that I've been working more and therefore making more money, I have decided to see a massage therapist. I went yesterday for the first time. What she gave me is called a "medical massage" intended for people with injuris/recovering from surgery. Also helps with posture. It was full body, and fabulous. My right hip, when she pressed on it from the side, had some really nasty pain. She told me to alternate ice with heat on it, like 5 minutes ice, 5 minutes heat, a few times like that to increase circulation. Last night, after the massage and doing that ice-heat thing, i slept with a lot less hip pain.

The same place where I got the massage is also a facility for personal training. I think it will be a worthwhile investment. This place is owned by former olympic athletes and they tailor the program to your specific needs. I need to lose weight too so this seems like it will be perfect. I have a free session on Monday to check it out.

That's an update on me... Hope everyone's finding some relief!
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