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"Treat Your Own Back"

I was inspired to make this community after buying the book Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie. It was recommended to me by a few people as being a great remedy for lower back pain. It is specifically tailored to healing lower back pain. When I first got the book though, I wasn't able to do the exercises. The first exercise requires you to lie flat on your stomach and relax and I couldn't tolerate that.

Now after getting 3 epidural steroid injections and doing physical therapy, I can tolerate it. But I'm still having problems and pain. So I decided to revisit the book. The book talks about the importance of lordosis, which is the natural curve of the spine in the lower back, and how important it is to maintain that curve. He explains how to maintain good posture while sitting, standing and sleeping. I bought a lumbar pillow and have started using it a lot when I'm sitting. I'm thinking about buying a pillow for the car too.

I have just started today to do the exercises, which are actually just stretches. They're not ment to strengthen you. I'm able to do the first series of stretches with minimal pain, which I'm so happy about. The book says to do the stretches for 2 or 3 days, or for about a week for chronic pain, and you should feel less pain. The book also says to stop any other exercises you're doing until the pain is gone. I've been going to the gym several times a week, doing what I can, what the physical therapist showed me, and also to help me lose weight. I'm going to stop that at least for a few days and do these stretches several times a day as the book says, and see what happens.

I was really inspired to pick this book up again after someone in another community told me about how she had tried everything to help her back over the course of a year, and nothing worked, until she used this book, and now she's back to normal, speed walking several miles a day. How could I not try it?! Just to be able to walk leisurely around a mall would be nice!

I'll post an update in a couple days on how things are going. I'm really hopeful that this will help me.
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