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had an epidural shot

So 3 days ago I had my first epidural injection for my herniated disk. I'm still not sure whether or not it has helped any. I have already been through physical therapy, which helped a bit. I started going back to the gym now and continue to do the exercises the PT showed me. I'm not sure if my back is better or worst. It feels different. I have more of a constant pain in my left hip/outter thigh area. I still get pins and needles but not as frequent, so I'm seeing that as some improvement. The doctor told me it would take 48 hours to see the results and it's been longer than that. Overall I'm just not sure yet if it has helped any.

I have my next shot in a week, on Monday the 12th. I'm going to try to keep going to the gym. Been there twice since the shot, and I'm going to try going after work if my back holds up enough.

For those of you who had these injections before, how long did it take before you felt the effects?

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