Viking Jente (vikingjente) wrote in treat_your_back,
Viking Jente

epidural injections

After 4 weeks of physical therapy, i had some good improvements, but not enough where I can function normally. I still can't walk or stand for long periods of time. I can stand long enough to take a shower, and then I start hurting too much. Not bad compared to where I was, but I still need more help.

So today I went to the neurosurgeon, who is sending me to get epidural shots. I'm nervous about wether or not they will be effective. I hear different stories about them. Of course I hope I'm one of those people that it helps.

I am getting back to normal slowly but surely. I've started working part time and have been going out more. It feels good but still frustrating that it's been taking so long to get to this point.
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