Jill (embraceable_you) wrote in treat_your_back,

slipped disk

so i had a mri of my back and they found a slipped disk in my lower back. the doctors havenr done a damn thing yet and they want me to wait till 2/14 to see the surgeon. what can i do for pain? (other than being doped up on pain pills).
p.s. it hurts ALL the time
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i'm in the same shoes... and plus i have 4 ruptired disks to add to the pain and misery. the surgeon isn't going to fix it unless they try some stuff before hand. epidural's will help disolve that slipped disk. and they're not like the one's you get when you have a baby..

you don't feel anything. needless to say, i've had 6 of them since june.
I'll concur on the epidurals, I've had three, although they chased the pain from my thigh up to my back.

I could not DO doped up, so I used naproxen to keep swelling down, and tylenol to dull the pain some. I also logged which things hurt my back or made it feel better, and that has helped.

I'm not sure on the prognosis of the slipped disk, but mine was ruptured and they were working to let it repair itself rather than use surgery. They're real mysterious and won't say crap about anything, so I had to do a lot of web searching just to find out what was going on.

It makes sense that docs are tight-lipped though, my stepdaughter's crackhead friend apparently just won $8.3 million because her baby got messed up and she would have had no idea had a nurse not mentioned something to a doctor within earshot. I thought the lawsuit was bull, complications with birth happen, but there you go.
please go down to my reply to embraceable_you and think about what I wrote.
DO NOT have surgery. I worked in surgery for years and back surgery is NOT the way to go unless you are about to die.

I have dealt with the same thing now for about 2 years. I thought it would NEVER go away and wanted to jump off of a building.

Get yourself to a physical therapist, learn about your back and the mechanics, try an epidural from a PAIN doctor not a orthopedic surgeon.


Remember in the time in between posture is your friend no matter how bad it hurts, and lie on the floor stomach down and relax, and when you can push yourself up with your hands, like the cobra pose for yoga. This mechanically pushes your disc back.

I am telling you this because I wish I knew it when it first happened to me.
Look up the book by Robin McKenzie. How to treat your back.

I wish you luck. But STAY off the OR table if you can help it.
TENS unit, you can get one for about 100 dollars online. Will need a Rx.
Chiropractor, pronto. Don't get surgery, it's a big, painful scam.
Start with Chiropractic. If you don't feel suddenly a lot better within a week, find a physical therapist. I have found that those people who don't respond to chiropractic respond to physical therapy, and those that don't respond to physical therapy respond to chiropractic. Chiropractic is cheaper, faster, and helps more people, so start there.

About the pain: Go to the store and buy four large bags of frozen peas. Put them in the freezer and use them in rotation. Put one on the ground and lay down on it, the cold under the disc. Cold not heat helps the back heal. Cold not heat.

The back actually heals really fast. I had three ruptured discs and a whiplash from an accident. I'm fine now. No surgery, just back crackers and cold peas. : D You'll be fine.
i've had back surgery for a birth defect almost 3 years ago and its not as bad as people make it out to be.
thanks to everyone and there ideas! im going to get a pain epidural monday at my pain managment center. they said that i have to wait to see the surgeon on feb. 14th and they will determine if i need a chiro or PT.
thanks again for your suggestions! im so excited about my appt. on monday!